Panam / Parapan Games

575 Rossland Road E, Whitby, ON L1N 2M8


Carry the Torch in Whitby!

Torchbearers are the heart of every torch relay. While the symbolism, sanctity and iconic value of the flame are important, the greatest part of any torch relay is the torchbearers, as they help spread the excitement and spirit of the Games in their community. Experiencing the torch relay will be a remarkable Games legacy for torchbearers and the community.

The Toronto 2015 Torch Relay for the Pan Am Games will feature 3,000 torchbearers who will carry the Pan Am flame along its 41-day journey and share the Pan Am spirit in more than 130 communities.

Deeply rooted in history and tradition, the Pan Am flame will be lit in May 2015 in a traditional ceremony in Teotihuacan, Mexico, before it travels to Canada. The torch relay will start in Canada on May 30, 2015, and will make its final stop on July 10, 2015, at the Opening Ceremony of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games.

Register now to become a Torchbearer for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games. The registration process is simple. Hurry because the deadline is fast approaching and spaces are limited. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.